20′OT – Open Top

Open Top / Hard Top

Container Open Top is used for transport cargo which due to their size can be loaded only vertically (lowered into the container from top). The same containers are used for oversized cargo which height is higher than the standard container.

Container Open Top normally has a removable roof from canvas or another similar material. Less common is Hard Top with removable hard roof. A characteristic feature Open Top and Hard Top is a removable top crossbar in the end of the container which is used for convenience of handling activities.

OUG (OOG) Out Of Gauge – size of the cargo exceed size of the standard container (protrudes out of the container).

Common notations:

20 foot container with open top, 20 Open Top Container, 20 OT (soft top), 20’FT OT, 20’OT

External dimensions
(Internal dimensions)
Door aperture Weight Characteristics
Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Maximum gross weight (kg) Tare weight (kg) Maximum load capacity (kg) Capacity (m3)
20'OT 6045
2237 2286 24000 2400 21600 32,9

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