Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are mainly used for transportation of bulk cargos, for example, grain, feed and spices. These containers can be used also for transporting general cargos.

Equipment: three loading hatches on the roof, each with diameter around 455 mm (1 3/4). Distance between hatches (from centre to centre) is 1, 83 m (6 inches). On the door are two unloading hatches with discharge tubes. In addition two more unloading hatches can be placed at the entrance. Lashing rings are placed on the upper part of the side beams. Sometimes bulk containers are equipped with openings for forklift trucks.

Common notations:

20’FT Bulk containers, 40’FT Bulk containers

External dimensions
(Internal dimensions)
Door aperture Weight Characteristics
Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Maximum gross weight (kg) Tare weight (kg) Maximum load capacity (kg) Capacity (m3)
20’FT Bulk containers 6058
2335 2292 24000 2450 21550 33

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