New sales areas


  • Africa - Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

At the moment we can offer our equipment in Kenya (port of Mombasa), Ghana (port of Tema) and Nigeria (port of Lagos).


  • Black Sea Region - Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine.

RS Container Group has constant container availability in Romania (port of Constanta), Bulgaria (port of Varna), Georgia (port of Poti), Ukraine (port of Odessa and Iljechevsk).


  • Latin America - Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.

We have stable flow of marine containers into the Chile( port of Iqueque and Valparaiso), Uruguay (port of Montevideo) and Paraguay (port of Asuncion).


  • Canada - Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.

Our group offers constant equipment coverage in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto.



Leasing is a solution for temporary container use on agreed period of time. RS Container Group can Lease/Rent all types of sea containers in different forms of lease structures.