On 2014.year 16 april SIA „RS Container Group” and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) have signed agreement  Nr.  L-ĀTA-14-2060 accordingly „TransRussia 2014” Project (Project identification Nr. ĀTA/ about co-financing 50% European Regional Development Fund program "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" additional activity "External market development - foreign marketing" program.

"RS Container Group" Ltd from 2014, the 22th of April till 25th of April, participated in the biggest transport and logistics exhibition in Eastern Europe "TransRussia 2014" in Moscow, Russia, with the purpose of  expand the international container transportation amount in CIS, the Baltic States, the European Union (EU) member states in areas within the new international specialized container transport routes to the east - west or north - south direction.

Exhibition TransRussia - it is the largest Eastern European Transport Exchange service, which annually attracts leading experts from Russia, the CIS and the Baltic countries. Focused primarily on freight (cargo) services, TransRussia showed a full set of industry solutions - from transport and forwarding expeditors Companies, till the computer programs and security and cargo-handling equipment.